The United Democratic Headquarters do the work that makes winning elections possible. We don’t make TV Ads. We’re not working debate prep. We’re not holding big rallies, and putting on rock concerts. We are an independent organization. We are the front lines. We’re the ones making phone calls. We’re the ones knocking on doors. We’re the ones registering voters to get great Democrats like these…

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Rep. Schiff Discusses Capture of Benghazi Suspect on ABC 7 (VIDEO)

Just a quick comment from Congressman Schiff in this piece. I’d slow down on the “High Risk”.

OKTOBERFEST 2014!! SAVE TH DATE: October 19th

OKTOBERFEST 2014!! SAVE TH DATE: October 19th

We’re just getting started for the 2014 Campaign year, but we want to remind all supporters of the United Democratic Headquarters to save this date: October 19, 2014 for our annual Oktoberfest at Hillmont House.

Expect good times, some good food, and local appearances by our Candidates.

Scenes from Pasadena Democrats' Oktoberfest on October 3, 2010

Oktoberfest will run from 2pm to 4pm on that day. So again, SAVE THE DATE!


Hillmont House
939 N.…

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Rep. Adam Schiff Calls for Gun Safety Reforms After Isla Vista Shooting.

The three guns used in the Isla Vista shooting were all purchased legally. In fact, one of the guns was bought in a local Burbank Gun Store, according to ABC 7.