Gov. Brown signs nine bills that will protect our Seniors.

Gov. Brown signs nine bills that will protect our Seniors.

Our Seniors deserve the best of care if they choose to live in residential care facilities, and now thanks to the State of California, it’s going to be easier for people to research how good these facilities are at their jobs.

It also provides a kick in a pants for facilities who have been docked with a license deficiency, giving them ten days to straighten things out.

Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday…

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Maybe instead of attacking others on taxes. Romney should come clean on his.

Watch as even Fox News, gives up on Mitt Romney…live…on air.

The top five reasons Mitt Romney is hiding his Tax Returns.

Why should we be entitled to less information about Mitt Romney than Mitt Romney requires of Paul Ryan?

Probably because we don’t count for very much in his eyes.

Just look at Mitt Romney’s face when you watch this video.  Watch his expression as Paul Ryan talks about taking away his Tax Loopholes.

"Kid!  KID!!!  Would you SHUT UP ALREADY?!?!?"

If there was no tax savings to keeping his money off shore…then why did he do it?

Over the course of the campaign, Romney assured the American public that his financial disclosure forms told the full story about his finances. Now we know they didn’t — when he released his 2010 tax returns, he was forced to amend those forms to include his offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, and Switzerland. Mitt Romney wants Americans to “just trust him” when he hasn’t been forthcoming in his disclosure forms and his running mate, Paul Ryan, has proposed a plan that would reduce his tax burden to less than one percent, while raising taxes on middle class families by an average of more than $2,000? Mitt Romney should come clean with the American public, explain what he’s hiding and why he thinks it’s fair that middle class Americans should pay far higher tax rates than he pays now and what he would pay under Paul Ryan’s plan.

The New Obama for America TV Ad: “Your Turn”.

“ We’ve given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation and how we live our life.” — Ann Romney