Some things you just can’t shake away…or “Etch-A-Sketch”, if you will.

Robert Reich explains the Romney/Ryan Economic Plan in a great, easy-to-understand video.

For the record, Grandma? Grandpa?  This is Tumblr,and this is the video Stephanie Cutter recommended you watch.

Think Progress takes a moment to tell the truth on Mitt Romney’s White Board on Medicare.

Where’s Austan Goolsbee when you need him?

This is the DCCC’s first Ad for the 2012 Cycle, and while this particular ad targets a Michigan Congressman, the message is clear about what to expect from a Ryan/Romney administration.

They want to end Medicare, period.

They want to end Social Security, period.

They want to privatize BOTH programs so that they can give that traunch of money to their buddies on Wall Street to gamble with, period.

"Pain en masse for the middle class…if they pass their budget."

Don’t let ‘em. Vote Democratic this November.

The effortless way Jon Sununu looks into the camera and flat out lies is actually breathtaking.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan plan to end Medicare as we know it.

And the web-ad calls Mitt Romney’s response to that charge what it is…a lie.

What do Floridians think of the Ryan-Romney plan for Medicare?